Frames, Lenses and Contact Lenses

At Boroondara Eye Care, we offer every patient personalised service to determine the best solution to his or her visual needs, from frame selection, lens options and contact lens fitting. As an independent optometry practice, we are not locked in to using particular suppliers, which means we can source the best, customised solution for each individual.

Our eyewear products include:

  • optical frames
  • sunglasses (fashion and prescription)
  • prescription optical and sunglass lenses
  • specialised safety glasses
  • contact lenses (soft conventional, disposable, rigid gas permeable, including Ortho K)
  • prescription swimming goggles and dive masks


When it comes to frames, we carry a broad range of high-quality optical and sunglass frames for men, women and children. Our stock is regularly updated, so you can be sure to find an on-trend style or colour, but we’re always happy to source that unique style for you.

We take the time to listen before you even start trying on frames, taking into account the functionality required, the correct fit, your preferred materials, colours and even your personality! Our experienced staff are there to help – we want you to love your new look!

Having large glass windows allows our patients to test various tint options for their sunglasses, as well as view frames under natural lighting conditions.


Of course, frames are only part of the solution – having the right lenses to meet your visual needs is the other all-important part.

We have a large portfolio of spectacle lens options available, including:

  • single vision
  • bifocal
  • multifocal (progressive)
  • occupational
  • prescription sunglasses
  • safety eyewear
  • prescription swimming goggles and dive masks
  • AustralisVR Progressive Lenses

We will discuss the best solution for you, along with the available coatings to best suit your visual needs, eye health and lifestyle.

AustralisVR Progressive Lenses

Developed by CR Labs, AustralisVR utilises the world of virtual reality as a precision diagnostic tool to map your Gaze Dynamics data. Gaze Dynamics is the relationship between eye and head movements that you naturally make when looking at objects in your environment. The result? A customised progressive lens design with visual fields adapted specifically for you to provide maximum visual acuity.

Contact Lenses

Maybe glasses are not for you and you prefer to wear contact lenses. They are particularly convenient when playing sports in which wearing glasses is not practical. Contact lens technology is constantly evolving and there is a myriad of options available, including soft/rigid gas permeable (hard), single vision/multifocal, and daily/fortnightly/monthly wear.

We will assess your suitability for wearing contact lenses and the best option for your visual needs and lifestyle. In most cases, we can order trials of different products, so you can ‘try before you buy’.

For first-time contact lens wearers, we take the time to ensure you are proficient in inserting and removing your contact lenses before you leave the practice. Of course, we’re happy to provide a refresher if needed! We also stock a range of lens care products for cleaning, disinfecting and storing your contact lenses.

We also prescribe Ortho K contact lenses, which can be used simply for vision correction or more specifically for management of progressive myopia.

Low Vision Aids

At Boroondara Eye Care, we can help you make the most of your vision. We stock a range of high-quality magnifiers, and are happy to source appropriate low vision aids that will suit your individual needs. We can even help you turn on assistive technology on your iPhone or iPad!


Are you constantly looking for your glasses? Whether you prefer to blend in or make a bold statement, we stock a range of spectacle cords that keep your glasses close!

We also have a large selection of spectacle cases to suit optical and sunglass frames.