Your Vision

Your visual acuity (how clearly you see) can be impacted by eye health conditions, or may be a result of refractive errors (how light is bent when it enters your eye), focusing disorders or spending too much time in front of digital devices.

At Boroondara Eye Care, we undertake comprehensive testing for many conditions that may affect your vision. Our services include assessment of:

  • refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, presbyopia)
  • binocular coordination and alignment
  • contrast sensitivity
  • colour vision deficiency
  • depth perception


At the end of your examination, we will discuss the results with you and make recommendations for preventative or corrective care. This may include prescription glasses or contact lenses, or vision training. Occasionally, further testing may be required.

How often should I have my vision checked?

While the recommendation is for most people to have a routine vision check every few years, you may be asked to return earlier if you have a condition that requires ongoing management or if specific treatment protocols are recommended. For example, a patient with progressive myopia or undertaking vision training may need to be reviewed on a more regular basis. 

Can you sign my eyesight report from VicRoads?

Drivers are required by law to notify VicRoads if they have a long-term, chronic health condition or disability that could affect the ability to drive safely. This includes conditions affecting vision. We will undertake any necessary tests, complete your report and forward it to VicRoads on your behalf.

To make an appointment or discuss any concerns regarding your eye health or vision,
call our friendly team on 9816 4100.